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Congratulations and welcome to the interweb home of The Little Book of Sham; The I-Ching for the iphone generation!

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The Little Book of Sham is the result of, literally, hours spent staring into space wondering - not just 'Why are we here?' - but also - 'How?' and 'Have I left the oven on?'

It is a guide to modern life unlike any other and it is packed full of witty observations, insights and wisdom which has been gleamed by the author through a lifetime of study, meditation, reflection and sleeping late.

What is the connection between Superman and actor John Hurt?  Find out inside!

Keith Martin has been a fast food cook, a barman, a shop assistant, a labourer, a bouncer and the manager of distribution warehouse for women's underwear.  More recently he was the Deputy Mayor of the town of Westport from 2009-2010.  Today he works as a Branch Librarian in his hometown.  Keith has a Diploma in Journalism and a BA (Hons) in Media Production and Management.  He lives alone, by choice, but would like to point out that it was someone else's choice - not his.  

This is his first book.  It is probably his last.

Please enjoy this book responsibly!

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The Little Book of Sham by Keith    Martin

The Little Book of Sham

by Keith Martin

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The Little Book of Sham is packed full of wit and wisdom for the world of today with..........
More secrets than "The Secret"
More laughs than "The Tibetan Book of the dead"
More urgent than the "Power of Now"